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Turkey turns blind eye as refugees head for border


Greece and Bulgaria increase security as Ankara looks for EU support in Syria.

Turkish judge refuses to throw out trial of student Pride marchers


A Turkish court on Tuesday rejected calls to throw out the trial of 19 people for participating in an LGBT+ Pride march on a university campus.

Rohingya refugees prepare camps for monsoon season


As monsoon season begins in Bangladesh, Rohingya refugees are working with humanitarian agencies to fortify the flood-prone terrain where they have taken refuge. Diego Cupolo reports from Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

Ist dieser Mann ein Terrorist?


10. Januar 2019, eine Turkish-Airlines-Maschine. «Die Türkei ist ein wunderschönes Land», sagt Barbara Zirngast, 58. Sie blickt durch das ovale Fenster der Boeing 737.

The Case of an American Pastor Caught in a Geopolitical Fight


Andrew Brunson became a focal point for U.S.-Turkey tensions—but his release won’t resolve them.

President Erdogan’s republic of fear


Turkish parliament has been stripped of crucial functions and many state institutions dissolved.

For Kurds in Southeast Turkey, the urban conflict continues


The fighting has ended, but fears that a culture will be erased remain.

Turks Have Voted Away Their Democracy


Erdoğan’s election victory advances his vision of absolute control.

The Fate of Turkey’s Democracy Lies With the Kurds


Ahead of tomorrow’s elections, Ankara is expected to tamper with the vote and make life difficult for members of the embattled minority group.

Turkey’s foreign minister wants ‘better relations with all sides’


After a bumpy 2017, Mevlut Cavusoglu says Ankara wants to repair ties with allies.

Erdogan’s ‘pious generation’ goal drives Islam into education


Parents are divided over the religious conversion of previously secular schools.

Turkey’s Dangerous Game of ‘Hostage Diplomacy’


On October 7, 2016, Andrew Brunson, a 50-year-old American pastor working as a missionary in Turkey, received a call from the police requesting that he come in for a visit.

The Unyielding Paranoia of Recep Tayyip Erdogan


A major sanctions case could further imperil an already fraught relationship between Washington and Ankara, and reveal the Turkish president’s illicit dealings.

EU money can't push Syrian schoolkids over Turkey's language barrier


EU funds expanded education opportunities for Syrian refugees in Turkey, but lack of physical classroom space and language skills still pose challenges for nearly a million children. Diego Cupolo reports from Ankara.

Syrian refugees married early face isolation and domestic violence


As the authorities attempt to break the cycle of abuse, victims are finding the courage to speak out.

Explaining the Bangladeshi migrant surge into Italy


Seemingly out of nowhere, Bangladeshi nationals have become the second-largest group arriving in Italy behind Nigerians, on a route more commonly used by migrants from sub-Saharan Africa.

What Turkey's Election Observers Saw


Behind the allegations of fraud marring Recep Tayyip Erdogan's claim to have won a constitutional referendum.

The Decline and Fall of Turkish Democracy


How a constitutional referendum could give President Recep Tayyip Erdogan undisputed power.

After Romania’s government bows, protesters call for resignations


In Romania, five consecutive days of protests forced state officials to repeal a decree that would have weakened corruption laws. Today demonstrators are calling for resignations. Diego Cupolo reports from Bucharest.

Train to Nowhere: Refugees in Serbia Stranded on E.U. Border


As winter sets in, more than a thousand migrants are taking shelter in an abandoned train depot in the Serbian capital. Photojournalist Diego Cupolo meets the people trapped between closed E.U. borders.

The never-ending harvest: Syrian refugees exploited on Turkish farms


It’s been nearly four months since Emine Sahin’s husband and children have been paid for their work picking fruit and vegetables on a farm in southern Turkey’s fertile Adana Province.

Elderly Ukrainians are living in Soviet-era bunkers after shelling left them homeless


As shelling continues in eastern Ukraine, a few dozen civilians have fashioned homes out of an abandoned bunker near Donetsk.

Ukraine: Living on the front lines


Under nightly mortar fire, thousands of elderly and impoverished civilians continue living on and between the front lines in East Ukraine’s ‘gray zone.’ Diego Cupolo reports from Donetsk.

Silencing Kurdish Voices


An on-the-ground report from post-coup Turkey, where the Kurdish press is facing stepped-up repression.

Voices of Turkey's Purged


"I sent my son to serve the country and now he's in jail."

Freed From the Islamic State, but Far From Free


Depression and PTSD are rampant among the Yazidi survivors of brutal captivity.

Photos: An abandoned school in Iraq has become a city of refugees


Displaced by war and unable to find room in overcrowded refugee camps, Iraq’s Yazidis are increasingly taking shelter in abandoned buildings.

One-third of Calais 'Jungle' to be demolished


Bulldozers are clearing one-third of Europe's largest refugee camp as a new 18 million euro camp opens next door and independent volunteers provide vital assistance. Diego Cupolo reports from Calais.

Peace becomes a struggle at Macedonia's border


NGOs plead for government assistance as tensions boil over between stranded migrants and Macedonia completes a three-kilometer fence along the Greek border. Diego Cupolo reports from Idomeni, Greece.

Inside Moria, Greece's 1st 'hotspot' refugee camp


Refugees on the island of Lesbos are sent to registration centers such as Moria, where long lines, squalid conditions and limited supplies have created what some call the world's worst refugee camp, Diego Cupolo reports.

The Price of Gold in the Twenty-First Century


The gold nuggets are gone. Rarely do modern miners use picks to chisel away at metal deposits deep within the winding caverns of untapped mountain ranges.

Unregulated drone use soars in Latin America


Over the last decade, drones have made headlines as tools for covert bombing campaigns in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa. Yet remote-controlled warfare is just one of many functions Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) can provide as non-lethal models become less expensive and more accessible to countries around the world.

Tough Questions for Chile as Ongoing Protests Stall Patagonian Dam Project


Many Chileans are asking themselves what kind of energy future they want for their country.

Diego Cupolo Captures the Streets of Harlem


Photojournalist Diego Cupolo chronicles his wanderings throughout New York and beyond with his camera.

Rutgers Researchers Study Pollution in Liberty State Park


What would New Jersey look like if every human being suddenly vanished?

Lighting the World's Poorest Corners, Cleanly


Worldwide, 1.6 billion people live without electricity.

Military Recruiters in High Schools


Andrew Morgan was happy that the military had a presence in his high school.

UConn professor travels the world looking for parasites


They sit in ethanol-filled test tubes on shelves and inside file cabinets in the Torrey Life Sciences Building at the University of Connecticut.